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  • Playing Craps with Cards can be More Profitable than playing with Dice!

    If you're lucky enough to be in a Casino where dice are not allowed...

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    You have an Advantage not found in any other Casino!!

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  • Amnesty can only come from the World Tribunal and they rarely grant it. While the whole Southern army sought protection from the deluge, the Army of the Potomac, still a hundred thousand strong, and carrying all its guns, marched in perfect order over the six bridges it had built, breaking the bridges down behind it, and camping in safety on the other side.
  • From the Desk of Buzz B Berkeley

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    There are laws that seem strange or even silly at first glance. One of them is that no outcome can be determined by the roll of dice.

    That means NO Craps!

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  • The only person I've ever harmed in my life has been myself.
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    However, some clever casino operators have found a way to get around the law. They play craps using cards!

    First: They use only cards Ace through Six (1 - 6)

    Next: They shuffle the cards using a Constant Shuffle Machine (CSM) which uses "Shelves" in order to keep the game going and allowing the used cards to be put back into the shuffler immediately after exposure.

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    Four kids all grown and living the hell all over the place. I told Tom Wilkins I'd let him have some more money tomorrow, or his sick mother'll have to turn out of their lodgin's.

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    If you bet ONLY as a Wrong Bettor, and ONLY if you know when to bet, where to place your bets, how much to bet, and when you should remove your bet(s).

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