Playing Craps with Cards can be More Profitable than playing with Dice!

If you're lucky enough to be in a Casino where dice are not allowed...

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I sit more daintily than you do, Leo said imperturb-ably. I did my best to calm down Dr. Breed, to convince him that I was really interested in an accurate portrait of Dr. Hoenikker.

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You have an Advantage not found in any other Casino!!

From the Desk of Buzz B Berkeley

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  • The policeman said: Sir, I noticed you were driving erratically.
  • There are laws that seem strange or even silly at first glance. One of them is that no outcome can be determined by the roll of dice.

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    That means NO Craps!

  • Auton, who was also at that meeting, became friends with Landish Senior. He had prepared me but he had told me it was all illusion.
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    However, some clever casino operators have found a way to get around the law. They play craps using cards!

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  • First: They use only cards Ace through Six (1 - 6)

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    As for his other talents he was the only person Melles would entrust with certain jobs besides himself. Helen I know you're not a divorce lawyer, but Tony's moving to finalize things quickly.

    Next: They shuffle the cards using a Constant Shuffle Machine (CSM) which uses "Shelves" in order to keep the game going and allowing the used cards to be put back into the shuffler immediately after exposure.

    Min and Leane rode close behind her, both tired from the pace the man had set over the weeks since Kore Springs.

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  • As I knew he was at PAGE 215 your side, I went away on a journey of my own.


  • They're there just to give you the measure of secrecy you'll need, perhaps even a place to hide yourself.
  • IF...

    If you bet ONLY as a Wrong Bettor, and ONLY if you know when to bet, where to place your bets, how much to bet, and when you should remove your bet(s).

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    When the official was told it was reported that large white Xs had been painted on the canvas tops of the trucks, he appeared flustered and had no comment. Ten times in the ensuing week, he cried, Robbie stays, and that's final! and each time it was weaker and accompanied by a louder and more agonized groan.

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